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About Starlight Solutions

Starlight Solutions was founded during the rise of the internet and was created to service the needs of various clients that I had met through various networking events, referrals and meetings where the work needed to be done and there just wasn't enough time in the day.

Hence, the name! I went through a few name changes back then until the name was so obvious. When you're working throughout the day and need to create something in your "spare time", nighttime seemed to be the obvious choice. The funny thing is that most of the experience gained in this business was done in these "off hours" while the day gigs

Several years later and now I'm thankful that I took the chance to learn many different skills in these off-hours and forged a solid career path.

--- Xander Demos, founder of Starlight Solutions

Our Team

Xander Demos

Founder/Senior Solutions Consultant

Xander founded Starlight Solutions back in 2000 as consultant working for various companies around Pittsburgh and parts of the U.S..


Marketing and Digital Strategist

Profile and information coming soon.


Senior Workflow and CRM Analyst

Profile and information coming soon.

Some of Our Customers