Legacy to the Cloud

Moving On...

Admit it, you may still have some legacy applications to deal with. It happens, we get it. It's 2018 and we are still talking with individuals and companies that are using MS Access and Active Server Pages with HTML4, old-school JavaScript and (maybe) some components that do some magic here and there. It's time to move on and get your head (and your business apps) in the Cloud!

Looks complex, it's not!

  • We'll set up your cloud subscriptions and show you how to manage it.
  • We will refactor your old codebase into a REST-based logic layer that will allow for your old code and new ideas to merge. It will also be scalable far beyond what the old models were.
  • We got you covered on data as well. Cloud-based databases are secure and we'll take your legacy designs and move them out.

If you have any questions, or your stuck in these dark ages of web technology, we're here to help! Don't be shy about these old